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Coffee and quills and chocolates.
and chocolates.
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26th-Jan-2010 01:02 am(no subject)




GENEVIEVE NG. AHS. AHGUITAR 1st GUITARIAN(and temporarily second). 4E09' 
LOVES AHguitar and THE ball family and coffee and writing and being CATHOLIC.
16TH JUNE 1993.
AND HEARTS<3 to my darls out there!

19th-Feb-2009 09:57 pm(no subject)
To all those who still come here, all my darlings and who else:

i've moved! new start,new lj. time to start afresh.


be seeing you!<3
29th-Dec-2008 03:57 pm(no subject)

If you're sensitive to vulgarities,kindly do not read the rest of the post.
Is the thing written below fact or fiction? You decide. Haha.

I stand in front of the sink, washing the dishes with a vengeance.
Mother glances at the plates and dishes stacked in a large pile and comments,"You don't need to wash that. You didn't use it. did you?"
I told her in annoyance,"Well,I am."
She only stops bringing up the subject when the tears in my eyes finally started to flow.
I snarl,"Please,just let me!"
Mom. My dearest mom. I'm so sorry for yelling at you when you were being nice and showing some concern.
i'm sorry. But this is something I'd never tell you.
The only two kids you have fighting day and night with each other always causes you frustration and pain to no end.
I'd never want to confirm your suspicions.
I cry and cry, and marvel at the irony.
The tap water flows as i cry.

We used to be inseparable as little toddlers. That's what I was told.
The pictures prove that too. So many were taken before I knew how to walk.
You were always somewhere. Beside me with a huge grin, on the floor doing a twist...
You were always there.
We can't really talk to each other in peace for a whole day.
Maybe a few exchanges, and we'd start squabbling over little things.
Like today.
I accidentally flung some water at you as my hair wildly swung.
You told me to stop doing it, told me I was a faggot.
I told you that it wasn't intentional.
I left the room as you continued muttering about how i was fucking irritating, and you didn't give a damn whether it was fucking intentional or not.
I stood outside the room and listened.
And i cried.
Cried at the ways things turned out. Cried for what could have been.

We used to be close. i know that.
The two of us could spend all the time we had playing, creating an imaginary world and becoming the characters.
We had fun. At the same time, that was when things started turning sour.
I was something like your personal maid.
You'd command me to fetch you a glass of water. You'd use your hand to apply pressure on my head when something I did wasn't to your liking.
Till the day i couldn't take it anymore.
I told you to 'die faster'.
And till 6 years later, you still bear a grudge for what I said.
To you,it's entirely my fault for the way we are now.
You deny the role you played in it.
You're becoming a carbon copy of the person you claimed you never wanted to be like.
And it saddens me.

Are you that stupid and petty to believe you'd die faster?
It's only when you believe it when it'd come true.
You're more stupid than you think.
I'm not the person you do mental abuse on because you need an outlet when people do it to you.
i'm tired,you know that?
I'm tired of how spoilt you are when you call me spoilt.
How old are you? You still need mom to take the bones away from chicken wings.
Till a year ago you were too lazy to lift a hand to cook for yourself.
Mom tells me to drop it.
I don't know how to.

The regret I carry will last a lifetime.


I wish you'd open your eyes.

25th-Dec-2008 11:12 am(no subject)
Exchanged fairly heated words with my mother after Christmas Mass.
....UnHappy Xmas,rather.
25th-Dec-2008 02:16 am - Happy Xmas!





The rest YOU already know!

Christmas mass later,yay.

23rd-Dec-2008 07:52 pm(no subject)

Watched Twilight with the BALLS today, ahahaha, :)
Met them at 10.30 at Tampines MRT station. I'm surprised I wasn't late.
(I think Mich's and Meow's haircuts look good. Ahaha.)
And then we proceeded to the cinema, and I shared popcorn with Audrey. (Which wasn't a good thing. I got 13 kernels! 13, Thiiiiiirteeeeen.
Imagine spitting them out one after another,
Ew. ._.

The movie was..okay?
I felt the overall romance/interaction between Bella and Edward wasn't really much. I mean...it sort of lacked chemistry. Instead, Audrey and I were ogling the grand piano and the Culens' house and the cars. And the highlights of the movie?
THE BASEBALL SCENE. That one was...wow. The graphics. And the confrontation between the two parties. Jus whoa.
AND the fact that when Carlisle Cullen appeared, almost all the females in the cinema sighed. Dreamily.
.....I think I turned in stunned disbelief towards Audrey and asked her,"Did you hear that?"
She nodded,and we both cracked up.

That was hilarious. Very.
i think i'd remember it for the rest of my life.

And I think the person who acted as Alice, Ashley Greene, was damn cute.
Alice FTW,haha.
22nd-Dec-2008 08:18 pm(no subject)

 br />Things feel like they're going downhill.
Rolling and rolling down the slope.


She stood still as the rain cascaded down in waves.
She was sopping wet, but she didn't give a damn.
Not anymore.
So what if people stared? Or pointed at her, and gave her weirded-out looks?
Let them. it's a free country anyway.
If only the rain could wash away all her exhaustion,her doubts,her burdens.
They were small but felt so big.
Her head felt heavy.
It was probably just the wet hair.
Would anyone miss her much if she was gone one day?
Was she needed?

No. No.
A slight giggle.
She lifted her hands to catch falling droplets of water.
Cupped hands leapt apart without warning. Splash.
The girl frowned all of a sudden. Her head was throbbing.

It hurt so bad.
Hysterical laughter.
Stare. Stare all you want.
And crash.

And somewhere a dying leaf fell.
18th-Dec-2008 06:03 pm(no subject)
HW left:

Chemistry (everything)
English (read Sing to the Dawn)
Chinese (everything)
SS (Everything)

I'm screwed. O:
14th-Dec-2008 12:06 am - oooh. another meme!


Rules & Regulations:
1. Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. People get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird things/habits/little facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. *NO TAGS BACK!*

1: I love newsboy caps .They're one cool type of hat. *hints* X)
2: When I was young I thought everyone had their own guardian angel. I still do.
3: I know it sound unbelievable, but my kindergarten and primary school(the lower years,at least) best friends were guys. yes. Gasp.
4: I have this habit of speaking weird and random things that no one can understand. Much. I love being cryptic.
5: I used to have short hair till primary two.
6: I've been wearing spectacles since four.
7; I love doing the creepy sounding laughs. The sinster type. heh.
8: For some reason I like to hug my guitar. -cough-
9: I am not a school librarian. Period.
10: I listen to Japanese and chinese songs more than english.

1) Charrball! Please?D;
2) Furball.
3) Mich!
4) Zhitao
5) Yannis!
6) eh....mandy
7) Jiayu
8) Jing Xin (If you ever see this)
9) Beth,please?XD
10) You and you and you!
12th-Dec-2008 07:59 pm(no subject)

I seem to keep falling sick.
On and off, on and off.....
And more often than not i don't even realise till I'm told.
How wonderful.

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